24 Hours Away from Launching 25inChange

I was asked to be part of a movement to help end world hunger and obesity.  At first it's easy to nudge of thinking "what can I do" but after some research and deep convictions I decided that I do want to be part of changing the leading cause of all death on the planet.  Obesity and Hunger kill more people annually than Natural Disasters, War, AIDS, Malaria, and TB combined.  Thats astonishing... 25 in Change is about changing that and with the support of Megan I accepted the request to be part of the first team kicking it off.Read more

First Blog on Family Site

It's incredible how fast our lives are going this year between the wedding and everything else going on. Despite the rapid movement through time one thing has never changed, and that is the love between Megan and I. I have to say without a doubt or hesitation that she truly is the best blessing that has ever entered my life. As these last few months approach the only thing that continues to persist is the unwavering desire to be together. We often talk about eloping and disappearing into the night (seriously) but have chosen not to do that as we truly want to celebrate this incredible moment with our closest family and friends.

We are now 110 days away from the big day and despite challenges elsewhere we truly are still madly in love.

Memorial Day 2011 Glendo Reservoir Camp Trip

A quick little time lapse of our camping trip to Glendo Reservoir in WY.  One of our favorite summer past times is camping with great friends!



iEmpathize Introduction

iEmpathize is a local non-profit that we are both extremely vested into.  We both feel that there is nothing more horrific than children being raped and pillaged every day.  It's a hard reality but that is exactly what it is - reality.  And while it's seems easier to not talk about, we both feel that embracing that reality and fighting against that atrocity is one of the most important things anyone could get behind.

iEmpathize (iE) :: eradicating child exploitation... engaging culture in creative solutions.
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5280 Vida

5280 Vida is largely responsible for our relationship as well as everything we do together in Costa Rica. 5280 Vida formed when Charisa, Zak and Kenn saw a need for community amongst post college young adults in Denver and the surrounding area. The idea was to provide community and engagement for those who are post college age but still not fully submersed in their adult life with family, marriage and other commitments. We saw this particular group of people as the most underutilized group of people yet the same group that has more resources to give back than anyone. Post college adults have more time, money, and energy to pour into their communities and around the world, however there is very limited places for them to intentionally pour themselves and resources into.Read more

PuraVida Church

The Leon family and Pura Vida church have a deep tie in our story.  Esterillos is not only the place we became engaged, but also the first place Megan ever visited outside the country, and both Kenn and Megans first mission trip was to Estrillos Costa Rica.  Not only has the villiage and community captured both of our hearts, but the relational values and minstry the Leon family exhibit aligns perfectly with what we both believe is the true meaning of ministry and our purpose on this planet.  Below is a bit more about PuraVida Church and the Leon Family.Read more

Communidad de Mosaico

Communidad de Mosaico or "The Mosaico Community" is a community built out of the beautiful mosaic of the people that have come together to make a difference in a global issue that is growing faster than any other epidemic on the planet.

The Mosaic Community is headed by Jean-Luc Krieg in conjunction with Servant Partners in Chimaulhuacan, Mexico City.  Chimaulhuacan actually means "Place of the Sheild" and is home to the worlds second largest urban slum with 1.3 Million people.
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