iEmpathize is a local non-profit that we are both extremely vested into.  We both feel that there is nothing more horrific than children being raped and pillaged every day.  It’s a hard reality but that is exactly what it is – reality.  And while it’s seems easier to not talk about, we both feel that embracing that reality and fighting against that atrocity is one of the most important things anyone could get behind.

iEmpathize (iE) :: eradicating child exploitation… engaging culture in creative solutions.

iEmpathize is a child advocacy and media movement that creates and collaborates with grassroots solutions impacting vulnerable and victimized children. We wrestle out strategies in the field and creatively inspire people to empathize and engage. iEmpathize is a 501(c)3 and all gifts are tax deductible

Sympathy is feeling badly for the suffering of others. It is passive, allowing separation to exist between the bystandar and the victimized. Empathy closes this gap by diving into the suffering of others. It’s active, compelling the empathizer toward action. Empathy is the essence of iEmpathize.