Valerie Pallatt


I have no words to describe how much you mean to me and how grateful I am to have you in my life. Living together, working together, and training together has provided more laughs, more joy, and more excitement than I ever could have imagined! You are more than a sister, you are my best friend-and always will be. You encourage and support me when no one else can. I can always count on your honest opinion and advice to do what is best, despite the resistance from the rest of the world. You are truly a rare, unique woman and I could not imagine anyone else I want right by my side on the biggest day of my life.

Samantha Yacano


My beautiful cousin with the most amazing heart of anyone I know. I love our long conversations about life and reminiscing about past times with our crazy family. You always have just the right words to say at exactly the right moment in time. I am so excited for the future and keeping our families just as close as we have become:)

Heather Losasso


I am so excited to be gaining such a fun, charismatic, joyful sister! You can always manage to make me laugh! Watching home videos of you always makes my dayJ I love your adventurous side and your overall outlook on life! You are such a talented woman, I look forward to seeing the amazing things you are going to accomplish in life:)

Paul Robichaux

Yes Robichaux is french, and Paul is the smartest most stubborn yet open minded man I know. There is no doubt that I would not be where I am at in business without Pauls refinement, wisdom and challenge. Like Jon I met Paul on the same crazy consulting project in Austin where we lived, worked, celebrated, and traveled together. Paul has an incredible passion and gifting of helping the medical community become better through technology. Married to a doctor and having a deep passion for the health industry there is no question that this guy is going to change the world for the better. Paul has been an incredible best friend and support in my life and we are both grateful to have Paul and Venessa supporting our marriage and walking through life with us together.

Jonathan Wallis

Jonathan Wallis. While he may tell you that everything is bigger in Texas that’s just not true. However what is true about Jon is he is a man influence and truth in his words and actions. I met Jon on a crazy consulting project in Austin where we lived together. Up to that time in my life I never had a man that was willing to challenge me in my faith and help me grow into the man that God intended me to be. Through living, working, eating, and traveling together Jon and I quickly helped each other grow into more Christ like men. While I believe that is a life long pursuit, there is no question of Jon’s influence in my life at a critical juncture for myself. Jon has been an incredible best friend and man that I am looking forward to growing old with and someday convince him to move to Colorado. We are both blessed to have Jon and Kirby walking through life and fighting for our marriage with us.

Andrew Lundquist

Andrew, how do you talk about a man who has been a friend, business partner, and mentor both spiritually and professionally.  If you have spent any time on our site you can see his influence in our relationship throughout it.  Andrew and Renee and their six children (soon to be seven) have taught Megan and I so many incredible things.  We asked Andrew to officiate our ceremony instead of one of our pastors for a very specific reason.  Megan and I are committed to lifetime learning and want to surround ourselves with others who are committed to this same lifestyle and vested into a friendship for life.  Because of Andrew and Renee’s influence in our lives and the longevity of our friendship we knew we wanted them to mentor us for a lifetime in our marriage, and thus having Andrew do the ceremony and walk through that piece of our relationship with us as well only made sense.  We are both extremely blessed to have the Lundquist family as great friends.

Jennah Losasso


My sister:) I continually keep finding how much we are alike and how we share the same perspective on life. You are such a strong woman of God and I admire your faith, love, and honesty. You are always serving others and making sure everyone is taken care of. I could talk with you for hours about life and how to live it to the fullest. I am so excited you are going to be a part of my life for all the years to come:)


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iEmpathize Video - Exploring and Engaging in Issues of Injustice

Brad Riley and his team talk about all true atrocity of child sex slavery. We believe there is nothing more horrific than this evil and highly support everything is doing. Most people are not even aware of it let alone aware of the fact that there are over 300,000 children sex slaves in the US and over 50,000 in the Denver Metro Area. Denver is the 3rd highest city affected by this truly horrific crime as most of the transportation of children in the US is done through the highway system. With Denver being a centrally based large city with two interstates crossing at the city section it has caused Denver to become a leader in this epidemic. Watch the video and learn a bit more about what is going on regarding this subject.


Pura Vida Church's Core Values with Dennis Leon

We got the opportunity to sit down with Dennis Leon the Pastor of Pura Vida Church in Esterillos, Costa Rica. In the video Dennis speaks about the founding core values they hold themselves to; and takes a look at what it looks to live in community and do relational based ministry.