Andrew, how do you talk about a man who has been a friend, business partner, and mentor both spiritually and professionally.  If you have spent any time on our site you can see his influence in our relationship throughout it.  Andrew and Renee and their six children (soon to be seven) have taught Megan and I so many incredible things.  We asked Andrew to officiate our ceremony instead of one of our pastors for a very specific reason.  Megan and I are committed to lifetime learning and want to surround ourselves with others who are committed to this same lifestyle and vested into a friendship for life.  Because of Andrew and Renee’s influence in our lives and the longevity of our friendship we knew we wanted them to mentor us for a lifetime in our marriage, and thus having Andrew do the ceremony and walk through that piece of our relationship with us as well only made sense.  We are both extremely blessed to have the Lundquist family as great friends.