World Vision Sponsor Child

Nesisa Dube

Nesisa lives with both of his parents, one sister and one brother.  His family is struggling to get by in Zimbabwe.
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World Vision Sponsor Child

Buphilo Nsingo

Buphilo lives with her mother, brother and three sisters.  Buphilo and her family live in Zimabwe which is severely affected by HIV.
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A day in the office with Kenn

Kendra Friend


You are the most unexpected blessing that has come into my life! I love how we have all become a family and have had a chance to walk through the absolute craziness that life has brought on. You are the biggest support system anyone could ask for and I know you would be right by my side in a time of need. You completely light up the room and put a smile on everyone’s face. There is never a dull moment when we are together and I cannot wait create even more unforgettable memories:)

Zak Ferry

Zak Ferry, where do I start with this guy. I have known Zak the least amount of time, however his influence in my life has been massive for my walk with Christ. While we have a tendency to butt heads quite frequently living together for the last 2.5 years, our common respect for each other and passion to see God change the lives of each other and those around us has produced a unique relationship I am excited to walk through for the rest of my life. I am encouraged to have Zak be one of the guys fighting for Megan and my marriage.

Torrey Cleveland


Our friendship throughout the last 11 years has brought nothing but joy, love, and unforgettable memories! I will always remember the times spent out on the lake, up on the mine tailings, and all over Central City. You are my partner in crime, my fellow Jimmy Buffett fan, and my memory for almost every old country song:) I love you Torrance! Cannot wait to see what the next eleven years has in store!

Mike Kmita

Kmita also known as Chowda House came out of the womb dancing and spinning the 1’s and 2’s. I met Mike our sophomore year of high school when our passion for nightlight life, motorcycles and dancing aligned in a unique way. Later Mike and I went to college together where we were in the same fraternity as well as lived together. Mike shares my passion of traveling the world, serving others, and living in pursuit of becoming a better man. We have been through quite a few good and bad times and I am extremely grateful to have him support me throughout our marriage.

Konner Kelly

While I have 9 brothers and sisters Konner is my only blood related brother. Konner like myself has been through quite a bit and I am extremely proud and honored to be able to call him my brother. He has become a young man with character and discipline in his life. In addition to Konner’s growth as a man, he is an exceptional musician playing the lead guitar in his band and writing most of the bands music. His passion for music is infectious. We are both looking forward to sharing our lives with Konner and proud to have him as a brother.

Kyle Riddell

Mr. Riddell is the happiest redneck city slicker you will ever meet and one of my best friends. Kyle and I met at our fraternity when he was a pledge. While pledging brout its challenges that first semester, our enthusiasm for sports, hunting, camping, open water, and many other things brought our friendship together quickly. Kyle and I have done most things imaginable you could think of when you imaging redneck activities and I am looking forward to doing that for the rest of our lives. We are extremely encouraged to have Kyle and Stephanie walking through marriage with us.

Brian Leiker

Brian the only guy with two incredible last names Leiker and Awesome. Brian and I met our freshman year of high school, went to college together, were roommates, pledge brothers at our fraternity, and share a whole host of other lifetime experiences. Brian has been a great friend and brother for more years than I can count, and I have been extremely encouraged to get to watch and see the man that Brian has come in his family, community, and friends. Brian has a unique ability to stay focused on the positive things in life and has been a great encouragement to me in my life. We are both excited to walk through marriage and life with Brian and Cassie and looking forward to creating more epic memories together.