Communidad de Mosaico or “The Mosaico Community” is a community built out of the beautiful mosaic of the people that have come together to make a difference in a global issue that is growing faster than any other epidemic on the planet.

The Mosaic Community is headed by Jean-Luc Krieg in conjunction with Servant Partners in Chimaulhuacan, Mexico City.  Chimaulhuacan actually means “Place of the Sheild” and is home to the worlds second largest urban slum with 1.3 Million people.

A journey of hope

Over the past century hundreds of millions of rural poor people have migrated to the world’s cities in search of a better life. Some find it, though many simply exchange rural poverty for urban poverty. Today, over one billion people live in slums. That’s one out of every six people on planet earth. By 2030 that number will have doubled to one out of every four. And according to some United Nations projections, 50% of the world’s population may live in urban slums by 2050. That’s incredibly serious. So serious that the World Bank says that “urban poverty will be the most significant, and politically explosive, problem of the 21st century.

Kenn has been directly involved traveling down to the slum in Mexico city over the past two years and we both plan to continue supporting this incredible work of hope in the midst of a global epidemic.

For an incredible outline of exactly what this epidemic truly is see below:

Urban Slums – A Challenge for the 21st Century – September 2010