This news will probably surprise you as much as it surprised us. For more than a year We have been praying about what we should do next, and up until 2 weeks ago we thought we were supposed to move into a house in Denver where we could serve our neighbors in Denver more effectively. However two weeks ago Father provided multiple confirmations and we believe we are supposed to move to Costa Rica for a bit to serve our friends at Pura Vida Church and the community there of which we have been supporting and serving for the last 3 1/2 years, also the place we became engaged.

We probably have as many questions as you do ;)… currently we aren’t sure how long we will be there we just got a one way ticket, are packing our stuff away, and going to be praying daily for guidance from the Set Apart Spirit as to what we should be doing each day and how long we should be there. Some people have already said “why Costa Rica and why not your neighbors locally, there’s tons of need locally”… the answer is we thought we were going to continue locally but at the end of the day we do believe we were called there and are most interested in being obedient. Looking back we have seen how our path has turned to blessings when being obedient, and to strife when we chose our own way regardless of how or why it might seem like the better option, larger need, prideful way.

How you can help:

What we deeply need is prayer… we know that without prayer we will be less fruitful and maybe fruitless – despite pulling away from our community and support system here, we also recognize that our fleshly desires of comfort (unfortunately) will take a bit to shed off and that could add a little more pressure on a new marriage. So if you could specifically be praying for protection spiritually and physically, courage to live out our spiritual convictions, and the ability to recognize and hear the Spirit daily we would be more than blessed!

What we are doing:

While we had quite a few confirmations about going down there to do three things specifically: 1. help our friends who lost most of their house 2 months ago to a 7.6 scale earthquake, 2. build out a self-sustaining aquaponics agricultural system, and 3. be an encouragement to the village and the believers who are permanently down there. However, we recognize that Father’s plans for us may change, and the villages needs may change so we are trying to be open to whatever that may end up becoming. Our goal is really to just move down there, live our lives as a member of the community (we’re both blessed in that we can work remotely), and hopefully be a reflection of Messiah to those around us – we will be the first to tell you this will be our biggest area of growth as we have lots of humbling refining that we will be working on for the rest of our lives.
Our dear friends Travis and Charisa have been down there for a year and will be coming home, you can learn more about their journey here, and all about Pura Vida Church here. You can follow us by subscribing in the form below, we wont spam you and we’ll be sure to keep it interesting. We feel incredibly blessed to be able to do this as Father’s provision has been incredible; the more we think about how much we have been blessed living here the more we are convinced this is the right thing to do… and the more we remember what our Messiah Yahushua did for us on the cross the more we recognize we have a long way to go – He did this so we could share the Good News with others.


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