Why Chasing the Lion?

A journey of one has now become a journey of two in the pursuit of chasing down our fears, insecurities, and passions with the will of God as the only objective. Intimidating, yes. Comfortable, no so much. Thrilling, mysterious, and joyful, absolutely! Not one can prepare for the mystery of life, and what the coming years might bring. However, spending each day living above ourselves and our own fears and emotions has the possibility to make this journey, unforgettable.

Together we have many lions to chase; fighting our fears and a comfortable life to take the world head on and fulfill our purpose in this world as husband and wife.  We plan to use this site as much more than a simple wedding site, but rather a place where we can share our journey and everything Father is doing through us including the challenges and milestones we cross together.

The credit and inspiration for the name comes from a book that challenged and encouraged both of us call In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson.