We’re moving… but not back to the US. This week we had to move to from our cabina as our landlord decided to move back into her cabina here in Esterillos forcing us to find another place to live. We had been looking for a new place and praying about it for a few weeks, and last minute an opportunity opened up after hitting wall after wall. Recently Seeds of Hope went through some unfortunate changes as the girls in the shelter ended up running away. It was truly devastating as so much progress had been made with the girls. This really paints a picture on the amount of deception and spiritual warfare in the girls lives as they ran from protection back to places of high risk. At this time Seeds of Hope is regrouping and preparing for the possibility of receiving new girls and praying about direction for their future. The house would have been empty and an extra expense during this time of regrouping and rebuilding.

Right around this time, one day during my quiet time I felt like Father put it on my heart that we should move into the shelter home for a period of time. I spoke with Megan about it as it seemed quite bizarre at the time. We ended up thinking it probably wouldn’t work out because new girls would be moving in soon and thus we never brought it up to Seeds of Hope. Then one night during a Shabbat our friend Holly who is the director of Seeds of Hope approached us about possibly living in the shelter home for a period of time during this transition they were going through – confirmations are so amazing and such a blessing. We ended up praying about it and felt like we were supposed to move, and so that Friday we moved in.

I want to clarify when I said “we felt like we were supposed to”. Every step in our journey has been a step of faith, looking back it’s very easy to see the lines that connect the dots. However along our journey during each jump from one dot to the next, it’s full of uncertainty, but we take the info we have and make the best decision we can and then jump – the key is we to keep jumping keep going on the journey. Life’s a journey not a destination – we all know this but how many times have we stopped, plateaued, or delayed to avoid conflict or discomfort? We have found this to be a recurring theme in our lives.

I think God gives us enough information to make the jump but not enough that faith and trust wouldn’t be necessary.

We’re operating in more shades of gray than black and white recognizing that if we ever make the wrong leap, Father will correct us and we will be back on the correct path. The key is to be making those jumps, those leaps of faith however great or small they may seem. A lot of times people approach us with an assumption that we are doing the things we are doing because they are written in stone. Thats a deep departure from our reality, decisions would be easy if they were written in stone, actually they wouldn’t be decisions at all would they. Isn’t that a humorous paradox – we expect to always have free will but we want answers to our lives questions already mapped out for us. That would also take away the relational side of seeking YHWH and our Savior Yahushua every day – it would allow us to put a formula on it, it would allow us to become religious.

I think many times in my life I sat in the back row saying ‘well if God told me to do x, y or z I would go and do that too’. However the more time I spend with Yahushua the more I realize it’s more about the journey and learning to take cues and subtle jesters as we dance our way through this life.

I also am convicted by the fact that He has already given us so much clear guidance and instruction for our lives in His Word, it would seem kind of funny for Him to have to write it in stone, since He already did :). I’m not a father yet myself but I can imagine it would only seem ridiculous to give someone written instructions and then have them expect confirmation every time they are encountered with a situation that’s relevant to those instructions. Yet too often this is exactly how we treat our decisions in our daily lives, myself included. We expect Father to restate, repeat, and rewrite it out for us when He so clearly already has in His Word.

And so it’s with those lessons were trying to learn how to follow and be obedient to His calling through His Spirits leading and His written Word in this great dance with our Creator. Most of the time we probably look like two adult kids jumping off a small cliff with our eyes closed and noses plugged – but it’s in looking back at those moments that we see He was there all along and so very alive and active in our lives. That doesn’t take away the fact that during those times we get bombarded with tons of doubt, confusion, and worry. But our hope is that we would not become stagnant but rather grow in our faith so that we can go from puckering up before jumping from the side of the pool – to sprinting into a double gainer off the high dive – knowing He is always faithful every time we obey His calling, no matter how dimly lit the light of that calling may be.

It doesn’t all make sense right now but for the time being we are living in the shelter for the next 2 months. It was left in a bit of a mess and with lots of sorrow. We believe that during this time we have been called to do a house cleaning both physically and spiritually. So during our time here we are physically cleaning out the house and preparing it for the next set of girls to come. As well as spiritually cleansing the house by speaking Scripture over it and praying over it daily. You can only image the amount of spiritual warfare these girls are coming out of, it truly is a war and we want to cleans this house of anything that would prevent their healing as well as help create an environment of Shalom for them. So for the next two months we’re going to be doing some cleaning. We ask that you would pray with and for us during this time, and we also ask that you would pray for wisdom and direction for the Seeds of Hope team as they gather together to figure out next steps.

I apologize as this is about 4 weeks late – wrote about 90% then let set on the back burner and just finding the time to wrap it up. More to come soon.

Lastly, we had no awesome moving pictures basically just lots of sweat and dirt so instead we leave you with a quick video of some white faced monkeys passing through our backyard.