Its amazing how quickly your perspective on food, life, and joy change by taking just one variable out of your life equation.  The old adage that you never fully recognize somethings importance in your life couldn’t hold more true than in this situation.  Literally for me almost everything  I do revolves around food and/or drink.  I would sadly say that I also find it as a joy enhancer to a lot of activities I do socially.  Taking that out of the equation has caused me to truly find the real meaning of joy in situations as well as shown a clear path of what false joy looks like too.

After being a little sleep deprived and not fully there I thought it would be a good idea to document my first day to look back on, I am no actor and maybe a little monotone, but in any case here is where I was after night one:

25 In Change – Day 1 by Kenn Kelly from Kenn Kelly on Vimeo.

I cannot describe how blessed I feel to be apart of this and truly am thankful for all the support I have received it really is humbling.  Already I have received support from the following rock stars!  Each name below represents 100 starving children getting fed a meal – Here’s the rock star lineup CinDee Spellman, Valerie Spellman, Dawn Losasso, Jesse Pearson, Megan Spellman, Wes Dobson, Jan Caro, Terri Kelly, Patrick Losasso, Shaul Hagen, Charisa Herron, Reginald & Dot Lemmen, Sandy Schmalz, In Memory of Bruce Schmalz, and Mark Spellman.  Truly grateful for you all.