Denver Homeless

Is homelessness in Denver a solvable problem?

Until recently I would have never ever considered that as a solvable problem. Yet, through a random series of events I crossed paths with a man named Steven, someone I now consider a friend. He has a passion to bring the stories of this city to light and provide an avenue that allows people to follow the story and take part in it themselves to come together to bring redemption to these stories in our city. In talking with him he explained that there are only **800 or so homeless people in Denver (See note at bottom), and "that is a solvable problem". Not knowing this number before, I would have never considered that, however he's right. We have more that 800 churches in Denver, so getting 800 people off the streets is not an impossible feat. It is a tremendous and great feat to say the least, its a systematic problem, but impossible it is not.Read more

Homeless John

I randomly met John one afternoon downtown Denver and was so taken back by the truth he had to say that I asked him if it were ok for me to video our conversation.  He politely agreed and as you will see John is an incredible individual who found himself homeless on the streets of Denver.  However, John has been able to keep his eye on the wisdom he has obtained over the years of his life. He has an incredible story and life truths to share.