It’s incredible how easily documenting our journey gets pushed to the bottom of the list – I apologize for the delay and GREATLY appreciate the healthy nudge and encouragement from a few of you to get back on top of it.

We’re thankful for everyone’s continual prayer support as well as for praying for Seeds of Hope during their time of transition. While we are still living in the shelter they have decided to no longer continue with the shelter program but rather focus everything into their clubhouse program efforts where they are seeing God move in incredible ways. We believe it was a great decision as well and now the only question for us is how long do we stay in the shelter and where do we go from here. It wouldn’t be Costa Rica if we had the answers to those questions or any other questions for that matter.

There is so much to share, we have seen miracles and been part of miracles. It sounds funny to say that so freely but its true. It’s much easier to look back and see how YHWH has been 100% faithful to us at every moment in which our only hope was for Him to come through with a miracle. Our nerves are still being strengthened and our roots growing. We are learning this incredible equation: when you put yourself in a situation in which you are completely dependent on God, He is ALWAYS faithful. The quandary is that we still find ourselves putting comforts and controls around ourselves not always living in that place of intimacy and dependence.

Megan’s parents came and visited in February which was really great; they are still the ONLY people to come see us since we moved… nudge, nudge ;).

We then came home for a few weeks for a wedding, parents anniversary, and work… we saw 5 states, lots of friends and family and even some friends from Esterillos who are now living Nashville.

We came straight to Costa Rica from there as I was asked to speak to a couple small groups about getting back to how our Creator intended for food to be, aquaponics and gardening at an evangelism conference done by JA Parez and Luis Palau. The conference spends a year beforehand to work with the local churches in that area preparing them and training them on discipleship of new believers as many meet Jesus/Yahushua for the first time there. It was a challenging growth and learning experience in so many ways, but it was beautiful to see latino cultured evangelism and to hopefully have been a part of the good that came from it.

Since January Megan and I have also started teaching in Esterillos. Megan is leading a natural health and nutrition class with the women of Esterillos, and I have been leading the Seeds of Hope staff in studying Biblically based missions and being effective while not hurting through a book study of When Helping Hurts.

While a lot has happened since we last wrote, including that we have officially finished the building of the first aquaponics garden and successfully moved it to Pura Vida Church, I want to spend the rest of the time talking about Passover which is right around the corner. We’ve been invited by the Creator of the world to His seven annual festivals. One of which is Passover, as the barley just sprouted in Israel and the new moon was sighted last week it’s officially New Year, Biblically speaking, and with that Passover is 14 days away from the new year which would be the night of April 13th this year. It’s a time for each of us to remember that YHWH is continually redeeming His people, to remember when the spirit of death passed over the Israelites and that the spirit of death has passed over us because Yahushua was our passover lamb. The following day starts The Feast of Unleavened Bread which we can also start preparing for now reflecting on the leaven which represents the sin in our lives and asking YHWH to reveal that to us and show us our blind spots so we can be cleansed from them. It’s interesting in that Megan and I are currently on a one month media fast. Right when we got back I felt God calling us to do it and thought “that’s a crazy idea… and o hey did you see that parrot over there” but then later that night Megan confirmed the same thing and so we started it. We haven’t had TV for almost a decade but the truth is we love to watch movies on our computers and we allow a lot of distractions and sometimes pretty unhealthy content into our minds. We also use it for entertainment, relief, and hanging out. We realized it would be cool to just cleanse our minds for a bit and find new ways to de-stress, hangout, and entertain ourselves. Sometimes we miss it but overall it was perfect timing with Passover and The Feast of Unleavened Bread right around the corner really cleansing our minds and giving us the space to unpack the things Father has for us during this time.

Celebrating the Biblical festivals, as the Bible tells us we are to, as Messiah did Himself, as the first disciples did, as the first ‘church’ did, and as we will continue to do in Heaven has truly been one of the richest things Megan and I have ever done. It sounds like a ritual or festivity, however its a direct calling and blessing from YHWH. When the Creator of our very existence gives us instructions for our lives and we choose to follow them, He blesses us with richness of life, intimacy and closeness in a way we could never achieve on our own. To conclude, we haven’t always celebrated the Biblical festivals of YHWH because we didn’t understand them, but now I couldn’t recommend it enough, specifically for the fruit it produces and for the reasons I underlined above.