While both of our journey’s to each other started years before our paths crossed, we met on January 6th, 2010 on a bus in Atlanta Georgia.  I was helping lead a trip through our local church to a conference called Passion in Atlanta that we both ended up going to. I spent the previous 6 months planning the trip, working with each person on accommodations, plans, etc… yet our paths never crossed prior to the trip. Because I was leading the trip I flew into Atlanta a day early to get everything ready before Megan arrived on the buses with the rest of the group. We both spent each day of the conference in close proximity (busses, hotel, conference meetings, meals) yet again never met each other. On the last day as the busses were leaving, I felt an incredibly strong feeling in my chest to get on the busses. This seemed extremely strange and out of place considering I had a meeting with Chris Tomlin (arguably my biggest meeting of my life) that night to pitch an investment in a project I was working on with Blue Like Jazz and then catch a nice comfy flight home the next day. However, this persisting feeling to get on the bus wouldn’t restrain itself. So I called my mom, Jon, and spoke with Zak, Val, and a few others to get their take on what I was feeling. Each person to no avail thought I was a little crazy, stupid, and over thinking it. I explained that I didn’t know why I was supposed to be on one of those busses, I just knew I should be. I explained I had no fear of my flight or anything like that, but rather there was a reason I was supposed to be on that bus. Each person continued to tell me whatever was on the bus would be in Colorado the next day when I flew back to Colorado, that it’s a 30 hour ride which was miserable, no one spoke on the bus they just slept or listened to their iPod, it was uncomfortable, and they would gladly take my plane ticket.

So there I was sweating bullets standing next to the bus praying like a madman. The bus let off the air pressure for the breaks and the driver yelled out the door “We’re leaving, are you getting on?” I didn’t have a clear answer yet, but I knew if I didn’t get on that bus I would regret it and never know why I was supposed to be on it. So I grabbed my bag and hopped on the bus. Right then the bus took off and before I knew it we were driving through downtown Atlanta as I was questioning my decision and thinking I must be crazy while walking down the aisle to the only open seat left on the bus. Zak had saved me a seat in case I decided to hop on, I sat down with my mind racing a million miles an hour to only be interrupted by the sight of Megan sitting right next to me on the other side of the isle.

In addition to being completely captivated by her beauty and the calmness of her presence, I was completely perplexed. “Who was this girl… I had met every person over the last six months in planning, spent every day the last week with the group, yet I don’t remember ever seeing this girl?” I couldn’t resist so I looked over and introduced myself, she politely introduced herself, and still, I was thinking “Megan… I don’t remember any Megan’s being on the trip???” I looked and there next to her was Val a friend of mine and girl I had lead a small group with over the last five months. Within seconds I recognized their similarities and asked Val “Is this your sister? I didn’t know you had an older sister” Val responded in her straight forward self, that “yes, this was her sister, but she was her younger sister! and it drives her crazy that everyone says that!” That was a bit shocking, however, there was something about Megan that I couldn’t resist.

We spent the next 30 hours on that bus talking getting to know each other. By the end of the trip, something sparked and I knew Megan was an incredible woman and someone I wanted to get to know better. I went into a mentor of mines office the next day and said “I know this sounds crazy but I think I might have met my wife. That’s crazy for me to say, and I have no clue if it’s true but I really think it might be.”

Megan and I spent the next 10 months getting to know each other, meeting up every couple weeks for coffee in the beginning then continually more frequently thereafter. On October 25, 2010 I was leaving the next morning to do some missional service work in the Slum of Chimalhuacan, Mexico City; and that there were a lot of decapitations of Christians and Americans from the Mexican drug cartel. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous and knew I had fallen in love with Megan and knew that I had to confess my love before I left, in case I didn’t return. I did return 🙂 and Megan’s and my relationship seemed to grow with a pureness rooted in our friendship and Gods grace love and involvement from the beginning. It felt like we were traveling at light speed, and soon thereafter with some great time with God and great friends I knew I was going to propose to Megan. I spent a lot of time in prayer, fasting, community with friends and mentors (an extreme special thanks to Andrew Lundquist), and cleaning up some issues of my heart during the next 10 months preparing to propose to Megan.

I knew that I wanted our community to share the experience with us and that I wanted God to be in the center of our relationship from day one through the rest of our lives. I thought proposing on a mission trip serving God the Father together in one of Megan’s favorite places on the planet would be the perfect place and time. So, on July 19, 2011 during our second mission trip together in Costa Rica on the beach of Esterillos I got down on one knee confessed my love and asked Megan “will you spend the rest of your life with me serving Father together?” Megan although completely shocked at first quickly said yes and the next chapter of our lives was turned…